ST2000-DLXn (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

Dimensions 190 x 265 x 316 mm
Weight 12Kg
Type Manual
Measuring Sample Size ≤ 4"
Measurement Method Non-contact
Measurement Principle Reflectometer
Features Fast Measurement & Easy Operation
Non-contact & Non-destructive
Superb Repeatability & Reproducibility
Windows Based User-friendly Interface
Print Function of Each View & Data Saving
*Supporting up to 3 Layers
*Supporting Backside Reflection
Stage Size 150 x 120mm(70 x 50mm Travel Distance)
Measurement Range 200Å~ 35㎛(Depends on Film Type)
Spot size 20㎛ Typically
Measurement Speed 1~2 sec./site
Application Areas Polymers : PVA, PET, PP, PR ...
Dielectrics :
Semiconductors : Poly-Si, GaAs, GaN, InP, ZnS...
Option Reference Sample(K-MAC or KRISS or NIST)
Head Trinocular Head
Nosepiecs Quadruple Revolving Mechanism with Inward Tilt
Type of Illumination 12V 35W Halogen Lamp Built-in Control Device & Transformer

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