ST2080-OSP  (OSP Measurement)

ST2080-OSP is designed for measuring OSP(Organic Solderability Preservative) thickness on a Cu Substrate of PCB/PWB. As the non-destructive optical metrology using spectroscopic reflectometry, it provides the average thickness and detailed 3D Surface profile information allowing the real-time detection without any sample preparation.

ST2080-OSP is applicable to real-pattern on PCB substrate due to the very small measurement spot and the auto focusing function. ST2080-OSP is based-on K-MAC thickness measurement technology which reliability has been proven in semiconductor, flat panel display and other electronic materials industries.

Why ST2080-OSP?

ST2080-OSP provides non-contact & non-destructive real-time measurement of OSP coating thickness on PCB/PWB using reflectometry ST2080-OSP ensures fast & easy operation without sample preparation ST2080-OSP?s measuring spot size can be reduced to 0.135?, which enables it to measure OSP coating thickness on Cu with rough surface onditions.

ST2080-OSP is based on more reliable measurement technology than UV-VIS. spectrometer, forced ion beam method, sequential electrochemical reduction analysis, and other measurements methods are.

ST2080-OSP can get a wide spectrum of multi-wavelength from 420 nm to 640 nm. ST2080-OSP provides detailed data at multiple points and their average thickness, which can help you to control OSP quality in a better way.

ST2080-OSP can optimize the process through 3-dimensional surface morphology. In the circuit industry, the use of Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) coatings is necessary to protect Cu surfaces from the oxidation.On the RoHS directive, the preservative coatings require lead-free applicability, ease of processing and low cost. Its typical range in thickness is from about 0.1?m to 0.5?m.

ST2080-OSP measures thin-film thickness by analyzing the spectral interference of the reflected lights between the reflected light from the surface of a film on the substrate and the reflected light from the surface of the substrate.

ST2080-OSP measures multi-spots simultaneously and displays the thickness results in contour form. ST2080-OSP has two kind of optical lens. Users can easily access to an interested region with a minute pattern using 5X optical lens and get detailed thickness profile using 50X optical lens.


Wavelength Range 420nm ~ 640nm
Thickness Measurement Range 350Å ~ 3㎛
Target Area 864X648㎛ / 86.4X64.8㎛
Lens Turret 5X(spot size 1.48㎛), 50X(spot size 0.148㎛)
Size of fixed sample stage* 250 x 250mm
# of measurable layer 270mm(L) X 240mm(D)
Z-axis Repeatability ± 1㎛
Automatic Z Mechanism Z direction Head Movement
Travel range: 20mm
Max. velocity: 30mm/s
Features Non-destructive OSP thickness measurement
No sample preparation for fast and easy operation
Available to detect OSP coating on Cu with rough surface conditions
Auto-focusing function
3D contours results

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