Bulb Replaceable Tungsten Light Source


Wavelength range 300-2400nm, optimal spectrum range 450-900nm, 20-100W bulb optional, fan cooling.

Halogen light sources provide customers with an economical solution for related applications requiring the Visible-NIR band. Choose from several halogen lamps of different specifications, 20-100W, to meet the needs of experiments and measurement analysis. The halogen light source is powered by an external independent power supply. This power supply provides stable voltage and current to the bulb, and can also extend the service life of the bulb.

The stability of a light source in terms of wavelength and output intensity depends largely on the lamp's operating temperature and ambient pressure. The light box part of this light source is equipped with a fan for cooling, which ensures that the bulb works at a suitable temperature. With different interfaces and adapters, it can be compatible with 20-100W halogen bulbs of various specifications to work in this light box. The light outlet is equipped with a detachable SMA905 optical fiber connector to facilitate fiber connection to light sources and other optical equipment.


Output spectral range 300nm-2400nm
Optimum spectral range 450nm-900nm
Input voltage 220VAC
Output voltage 12VDC
Output light port Detachable SMA905 fiber connector (Φ14mm Output Port)
Power supply size 235mm × 145mm × 95mm
Lamp box size 110mm × 95mm × 210mm
Warm-up time 30min
Spectral stability <3%(450nm-900nm)

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