High Performance Deuterium Halogen Lamp


The wavelength range is 230-2500nm, the optimal spectrum range is 230-1100nm, the deuterium lamp is about 25W, and the halogen lamp is about 20W. The spectrum has been balanced and the burr peak contributed by the deuterium lamp has been processed. It has a shutter and fan cooling.

GIE-LIGHT-DH deuterium-halogen light source is a highly stable composite light source composed of a deuterium lamp and a halogen lamp. It achieves continuous spectral output from ultraviolet to near-infrared. Due to the adoption of new filter technology, the characteristic peak spectral lines of the deuterium lamp are suppressed, making the output spectral curve smooth and continuous, and at the same time highly stable, which is very conducive to high-precision quantitative measurement of absorbance, concentration and transmittance. The easy-to-replace built-in bulb is very convenient for maintenance; the deuterium lamp and the halogen lamp have independent control switches, which can realize the independent output of the deuterium lamp spectrum or the halogen lamp spectrum; the halogen lamp power can be adjusted, and the halogen lamp spectral intensity can be adjusted; Configuration The TTL-controlled electronic shutter can realize external trigger control of the light source.

Light Source Output Spectrum


Dimensions 175mm*160mm*265mm
Weight 4.5Kg
Wavelength Range 230-2500nm
Power Deuterium Lamp: 25W;Tungsten Lamp: 20W
Light Source Life 1000 hours
Current Stability <5×10-6p-p
Current Drift ­0.01% / h
Trigger TTL
Input Power 100-240V/AC
Operation Temperature 5℃ -35℃
Warm Up 30 Minutes

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