Spectra Module

OEM Spectrum Module

We have a professional spectrum analyzer R&D team comprising optical, mechanical, electronic, software, application, and project management engineers. Team members possess over 10 years of experience in spectrum analyzer development, enabling them to quickly assist you in determining product requirements, providing effective solutions, and ensuring product production, after-sales service, technical support, and product upgrades. We offer better support and assistance for your research, promotion, and production needs.

Spectra Module consists of:
  • Optical Module
  • Control Circuit Board
Optical Module Specifications:
  • Wavelength Range: 180-1100nm, customizable.
  • We can customize the module based on your specific requirements, including your intended use, spectral range, resolution, physical dimensions, communication method, and software functionality needs.

Once you have defined the project direction, we can design and develop based on your application requirements. We can also establish acceptance criteria, production standards, cost estimates, and project completion timelines.

Research and Development Phase

We will initiate the project's research and development, proceed with detailed design, production, and provide engineering prototypes for your testing (quotation required for prototypes).

Prototype/Small-Batch Production Phase

Resolve any issues identified during testing of the engineering prototypes.
Ensure production fully meets actual usage requirements while establishing production and inspection standards.

Mass Production

We will mass-produce products that meet product standards and maintain consistent quality for you.

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