Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere For Reflection

The integrating sphere is one of the most versatile lighting accessories in optics. Due to the high reflection and scattering characteristics of its inner surface, the light is evenly distributed on the sphere wall and reflects irregularly, fully integrating, so that the energy can be accurately measured. One or several perforations are opened on the ball wall, which are used as the light inlet, light outlet and sample hole. Some are also equipped with accessories such as sample holders, lens holders, hole plugs, apertures and standard white boards. The reflection integrating sphere can be combined with a spectrometer, light source, optical fiber and various optical measurement equipment to form a system for various sample measurements, such as sample surface reflectance, etc.

  • is a 90° vertical integrating sphere output.
  • It has a compact design, two or three SMA905 optical fiber interfaces, and an 8° vertical optical path design.
  • Photographic chemistry, lighting optics, fiber optics, laser technology, material analysis and medical technology. Measure the reflection characteristics of opaque materials: diffuse reflectance, reflectance, and spectral distribution characteristics.


Ball diameter 30mm 1inch 1.5inch 2.5inch
Dimensions Φ49 ×42mm Φ44×37.5mm Φ50×50.5mm Φ70×63mm
Built-in light barrier No
Light entrance At the Bottom with a fiber connector
Sample port At the Top; Customizable
Detection port At the Side with a fiber connector
Coating material PTFE, BaSO4, MgO optional
Spectral range 250~2500nm

Integrating Sphere Coating Reflectance

Reflectivity of PTFE and BaSO4 coatings

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