Raman Probe

Raman Probe


The Raman probe is a probe designed for laser Raman spectroscopy applications such as 532nm, 785nm, 830nm, and 1064nm. By working with semiconductor lasers and spectrometers, Raman spectroscopy measurement applications are realized. Equipped with different sample holders, measurements can be made on samples in solid, liquid or powder form. The optical interference filter of OD6 effectively ensures the filtering of Rayleigh signals, and the solid and compact design makes it easier for the Raman probe to achieve Raman spectrum measurement.

  • Raman spectral range is wider
  • Product production process ensures consistency
  • Four wavelengths available to suit most Raman measurement applications
  • Optimized design, effectively filtering out Rayleigh signals, cut-off depth > OD6
Center Wavelength(nm) 532 785 830 1064
Spectral range 176-4000 176-3500 176-2800 200-3000
Way of working Fiber output
Probe size(mm) 107x30x13
Cut-off depth OD6
Probe working distance(mm) 7.5
Transmitting end Core dia. 105um, NA0.22, FC/PC or SMA905
Receiving end Core dia. 200um, NA0.22, SMA905
Fiber length(cm) (100+30)±0.2
Working temperature(℃) 10-30
Working humidity 0-75% RH


Side view

Top view

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