Spectral Irradiance Measurement Kit

SpectroRadio100 Spectral Irradiance Measurement Kit


( Spectroradiometer with NIST calibrated )

Spectral irradiance measurement is based on a light irradiance meter with a linear image sensor, making it possible to simultaneously measure light irradiance over a wide spectral range like a spectrometer. Usually, depending on the detector, it is divided into UV-biased and NIR-biased bands. It also retains the features associated with light irradiance meters, with NIST traceability calibration and the ability to connect input optics such as optical fibers and integrating spheres. Also with powerful analysis software, the spectrum, light irradiance, luminous flux and other values can be analyzed and measured.

Product advantages:
  • Easy to operate, high reproducibility, and fast measurement.
  • Small size and easy to carry.
  • NIST traceable certification
  • The wavelength range includes 200-450nm UV band, with higher UV sensitivity.
  • Software compatible with XP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Windows11
  • USB2.0 data transmission and power supply, supports RS232 communication.
  • UV standard detection and measurement
  • LED light radiation safety measurement
  • Plant Growth/Plant Photobiology
  • UV curing system testing
  • Light source stability measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement

Radiation Illumination Measurement


Model SpectroRadio100
Spectral Range 200nm-1100nm
Optical Resolution 1.5nm@ 200-1100 nm
Detector Hamamatsu S11639 2048 line array CMOS
Integration Time 0.5ms-10 s
A/D 16bit
Signal to noise ratio 600:01:00
Communication Method USB2.0
Host Size 94 mm×60 mm×34.5 mm
Temperature 5℃ -35℃ (recommended temperature 25℃)
Optical Diffuser Spectralon
Probe Size Φ 6.4 × 115 mm
Radiation Calibration Radiation calibration by NIST traceable

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