High Sensitivity Spectrometer

Venus Pro-HR High Sensitivity Spectrometer

The Venus Pro-HR design adopts a high-resolution optical-mechanical platform and uses Hamamatsu S16010 (S11510) 2048×64 pixels back-thinned CCD, which enables the best optical resolution to reach 0.1nm, while the signal-to-noise ratio is increased to 800:1. The dynamic range has been increased to 50000:1 and the sensitivity in the 700-1100nm range has been improved. Therefore, this series of spectrometers is very suitable for Raman spectrum measurement and near-infrared laser spectrum analysis. In addition, this series of spectrometers can obtain different spectral ranges and optical resolutions by configuring gratings with different number of lines and different slits, providing a wealth of choices for scientific research and industrial testing customers.

The small size is also very suitable for system integration.

With its lightweight size, the spectrometer is ideal for system integration.

Product advantages:
  • Hamamatsu S16010 2048 x 64- pixel area array CCD.
  • Linear variable filter or long wave pass filter to eliminate secondary and advanced diffractions.
  • SMA905 fiber connector for easy connection.
  • Customizable wavelength range and opticalresolution.
  • Excellent sensitivity to 700nm-1100nm.USB 2.0 data transfer and power supply.
  • Support USB2.0, RS232, RS485 modes.
  • Real-time display of peak wavelength and FWHM.
  • Support OEM and in-depth customization.
Application areas:
  • LED Colorimetry Measurements
  • Solar spectrum measurement
  • Fluorescence spectrum measurement
  • Laser Spectroscopy Measurement
  • Plasma spectroscopy measurement


Model Venus Pro-HR
Dimension 140mm×110mm×46mm
Detector Wavelength Range 200 nm-1100 nm
Optical System Wavelength Range Determined by the grating
Optical Resolution Up to ~0.1nm (determined by the grating and slit)
Fiber Connector SMA905
Detector Hamamatsu S11510 area array back-illuminated CCD
Pixel 2048×64 pixels, pixel size 14µm×14µm
Signal to Noise Ratio 800:01:00
Linearity >99%
Stray light <0.1%(600nm)
A/D resolution 16bit
Integration Time 1ms-10s
Dynamic Range 50000:1 (typical value)
Triggers Software trigger, hardware trigger, synchronous trigger
Power Consumption 5VDC ,500mA
Operating Temperature 5℃-35℃ (recommended temperature 25℃)
Communication Interface USB2.0, RS232/RS422
Operating System Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win10
Power Supply USB
Model Wavelength Range Resolution Slit Grating Filter Lens
Venus Pro-HR 800-1000nm ~0.2nm 5um 1200g/mm,1000nm F08 L01
670-1100nm ~0.3nm 5um 600g/mm,1000nm F08 L01

Test spectrum of Standard mercury argon lamp

Sensing efficiency curve of the sensor

Spectrometer Dimensional Drawing

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