Flash Xenon Light Source


Flash Xenon Light Source, 185-2000nm, Arc Length 3mm, 2W/5W

GIE-LIGHT-XL series flash pulse xenon lamp is a new type of light source that integrates xenon lamp bulb, trigger and high-voltage power supply. It is widely used in spectral measurement applications. Because it does not require preheating and generates low heat, it is widely used in various industrial and biological applications.

Product advantages:
  • High intensity and high flash transient power are beneficial to improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the instrument.
  • Wide spectral range, covering ultraviolet, visible, and infrared, wavelength range 185-2000nm.
  • Long service life, more than 100 million flashes.
  • Good stability, CV value ≤2% for 1000 flashes.
  • Small size and low heat generation are beneficial to the stability of the optical machine.
  • No need to preheat, start immediately, saving testing time.
  • DB-9 connector, plug and play
  • It can be used in ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light spectrum analysis
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Medical: enzyme immunoassay instrument, urine imaging instrument, small POCT biochemistry instrument
  • Industrial Automation Strobe Light Source
  • Air NO and SO2 pollution gas detection and analysis
  • Laboratory and online water pollution detection and analysis.


Pluse Energy 2W 5W
Maximum repetition rate 252HZ(19.8mj)-530HZ(8.8mi) 100HZ(50.4mj)-223HZ(22.4mj)
Arc Length 3.0 ± 0.3 mm
Transparent panel material DM308 glass, UV transparent glass
Optical radiation wavelength range 185 - 2000 nm
Light output stability Max 1.5% CV; Max4.2% PV -1000 flash
Life (number of flashes) More than 100 million times
Input voltage DC -Min 11.0 - Max 28.0 V
Input Current 11 V:Max 1.4 A
Trigger voltage 5V square wave pulse; high level pulse width ≥10 μS
Ambient temperature 0 - +40°C
Storage temperature -40 - +90°C
Use and storage humidity Max 95% Rh
Cooling method Natural cooling
Weight 250g
Size 100 x 45 x 36mm

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