Spectral Measurement Kit

Small UV-Visible Spectrometer

Spectra Basic is a UV-VIS wide spectrum range and easy-to-use UV-visible spectrometer that provides accurate and reliable data analysis in chemistry and biochemistry experimental teaching. It can be connected to a computer using USB and provides easy-to-use spectral analysis software.

Spectra Basic improves experimental mobility and enables data analysis on Windows tablets. The instrument can be connected with external accessories to expand the performance of the spectrometer. For example, long optical fibers and collimating lenses can be added to measure the luminescence spectrum of active light sources, such as various lasers or various light sources.

Product Advantages:
  • Spectral Range: 180nm - 1049nm
  • Provides intuitive software that is easy to operate and provides various measurement functions
  • Built-in cuvette slot makes experiments more convenient
  • Determination of solution concentration
  • Detect unknown substances
  • Measure reaction rate or decay rate
  • Purity Testing of Synthetic Compounds
  • Determination of molar absorption coefficient
  • Colorimetry

Product Design Engineering Drawings

Spectra Basic is rigorously designed to provide excellent performance in laboratory teaching

  • Sturdy structure and medium size
  • High-sensitivity sensor speeds up analysis, with an integration time of 4ms
  • Isolated optical path structure ensures time-varying accuracy (±1 nm)
  • USB connection to computer, supporting laboratory computer equipment
  • Compatible with standard length 1 cm square and round cuvettes

Provides wide-spectrum detection in the Visible, UVA, UVB and UVC regions, providing excellent independent solutions for applications

  • Dynamic changes in absorbance
  • Determination of nucleic acid purity and concentration
  • Determination of equilibrium constant
  • Detection of DNA and RNA
  • Analyze extracted or synthesized compounds
  • Colorimetric assay for protein quantification
  • Spectrophotometric determination of chemical and biochemical compounds
  • Purified protein analysis

Spectra Basic software contains four analysis functions

Absorbance analysis mode:
A sample of synthetic acetyl salicylic acid dissolved in ethanol was analyzed using Absorbance Analysis Mode. The absorption spectrum of the sample shows that the sample has strong absorption spectra at 237 nm and 313 nm.

Concentration analysis mode: concentration and absorbance (Beer-Lambert law)
Determine the concentration of purified protein using the Beer-Lambert law in "Concentration Analysis Mode". After selecting the target wavelength in the Absorbance Analysis Mode screen, five protein standards (BSA) of known concentrations were analyzed. A linear fit was applied to create a standard curve, and the concentration of the unknown protein was determined to be 0.215 mmol/L.

Time Analysis Mode: Time and Absorbance (Dynamic Analysis)
Use Time Analysis Mode to measure the fading of phenolphthalein in NaOH over time. For samples with different concentrations of NaOH, the absorbance at wavelengths relevant to phenolphthalein was measured over time.

Light Analysis Mode: Wavelength and Light Intensity
An additional quartz fiber optic kit is used to analyze the intensity of various spectral sources in the UV-visible spectrum. The spectrum of helium is shown below using "Light Analysis Mode"

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