Measuring Fixture

Special Measuring Fixture For Cuvette

The cuvette holder is used to fix cuvettes with different optical path lengths. It can couple the fiber spectrometer and light source through the optical fiber of the SMA905 connector to form a miniaturized spectroscopic system for transmittance and absorbance measurement of various liquid samples. An optional black anodized aluminum cover (not included as standard) is available to block ambient light. According to the different optical paths, it can be divided into straight-through cuvette holders and four-channel cuvette holders.

Straight-through cuvette holder is usually used for absorbance and concentration measurement of liquids, as well as liquid transmittance measurement. According to different test requirements, we have provided two versions. One version is designed with a light blocking groove to facilitate users to measure the dark spectrum; while the other version is a tight-fitting version. As long as the cuvette is placed in it, the position There will no longer be any movement, which is useful for some tests where consistency of cuvette placement is required.

The four-way cuvette holder is also designed with a tight fitting device, which allows the cuvette to fit tightly when placed. It is also designed with a filter slit, which is particularly effective when using high-pass filters for fluorescence measurements.

Model and Specification

(For fluorescence measurement)
Type straight-through cuvette holder with filter groove straight-through cuvette holder compact version The four-way cuvette holder compact version
Cuvette groove(W*L) 12.5 mm*12.5 mm (W*L) 12.5 mm*12.5 mm (W*L) 12.5 mm*12.5 mm (W*L)
Fiber connector 2SMA connectors with collimating lens 2SMA connectors with collimating lens 4SMA connectors with collimating lens(optional)
Size 140mm × 140 mm× 40 mm 140mm × 140 mm× 45 mm 140mm × 140 mm× 45 mm
Filter groove 5.5mm None None

Fiber Holder (Reflection Stage)


The reflection sample holder can be used for multi-angle reflectance measurement of solid and powder sample materials. We provide three different forms: single-arm, double-arm and inverted, which are convenient for users to apply in different testing applications. The GIE-FHR50-01 single-arm form is mainly used to fix the Y-shaped fiber probe and can measure the vertical incidence of light. The GIE-FHR50-02 dual-arm configuration is mainly used to fix two quartz fiber probes, which can measure light incident at different angles. The single-arm form can be easily switched between each other, providing high flexibility and practicality. The GIE-FHR50-03 inverted reflection holder is more suitable for occasions where precise measurement of spectral reflectance is required. It can keep the distance between the sample and the reflection fiber and the distance between the standard reference sample and the reflection fiber exactly equal.

Product Specifications:
  • Adjustable range: 50mm
  • Height adjustment method: by fixing screw
  • Optical fiber connector: SMA905 interface
  • Fixing method: placed directly on the platform or screwed on the optical platform
  • Optional condenser lens installed at the light entrance
Model GIE-FHR50-01 GIE-FHR50-02 GIE-FHR50-03
Type single arm arms upside down
Light path direction vertical Multi-angle adjustable vertical
Stage Size(mm) Φ150 × 13
Stage positionable size(mm) The diameter isΦ40,Φ60,Φ80,Φ100

Integrating Sphere Stage


The sample port of the reflective integrating sphere is at a certain angle with the incident light inlet. If the integrating sphere is placed directly on the platform, it will cause many inconveniences in the measurement and the stability of the measurement cannot be packaged. The integrating sphere holder can turn the integrating sphere upside down. Fixed to ensure that the sample is placed directly above the sample port, it is also very convenient to connect and fix the optical fiber, which greatly improves the convenience and stability of measurement.

GIE-ISHR-01 Suitable for 1-inch reflective integrating sphere.
GIE-ISHR-30 Suitable for 30mm reflective integrating sphere.
GIE-ISHR-01 Suitable for 2.5-inch reflective integrating sphere.

Fluorescence Measurement Fixture


Fluorescence measurement fixture with four-channel light path, suitable for liquid fluorescence measurement and transmittance measurement.

45°Diffuse Reflection Micro Reflection Measurement Fixture


Diffuse reflection micro-reflectance measuring fixture is suitable for measuring the diffuse reflectance spectrum and fluorescence spectrum of flat samples. It has a set of reflection light paths with an included angle of 45 degrees, and can be equipped with two additional filters with a diameter of <10mm. In fluorescence measurement applications, a filter is installed in the excitation light path, which can be used to eliminate impurity peaks other than the main peak of the excitation light source; and another filter is installed in the light collection light path, which can be used to filter out the excitation spectrum in the fluorescence spectrum.

Model GIE-45DR-01
Light path 90° incident, 45°reflection
Fiber optic connector SMA905
Collimating lens Both incident and reflected light paths are equipped with collimating lens
Filter Optional
Size(mm) 48 x 34 x 15


Product Optical Path Description

The optical fiber on the left is connected to the light source, and the divergent light is converted into parallel light through the optical fiber collimator, and then shines on the sample through the filter. The other path is that the light reflected or excited by the sample passes through the optical filter and then is focused to the optical fiber by the collimator, and then is connected to the measurement equipment for measurement and analysis.

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