Continuously Adjustable LED Light Source


GIE-LIGHT-LED is a continuously adjustable LED light source. It is a light source suitable for scientific research and industrial integration. It provides two working modes: the first is the internal mode (INT), using an external knob to control the intensity of the light. The second is the external mode (EXT), which provides power to the light source and controls the intensity of the light through the DB9 interface, making it easier for customers to integrate the system.

This LED light source can also be used as a fluorescent light source.


Model Wavelength Half Width Height Maximum Current(mA) Power (W) Luminous Flux(lm) Size (mm)
GIE-LIGHT-LED-455 455nm 20nm 1000 3 30 86*86*81.5
GIE-LIGHT-LED-525 525nm 40nm 700 3 60
GIE-LIGHT-LED-620 620nm 15nm 700 3 30
GIE-LIGHT-LED-Orange Yellow 590nm 15nm 700 3 65
GIE-LIGHT-LED-Warm Yellow 3000K CCT N/A 1000 3 70
GIE-LIGHT-LED-Cool White 6500K CCT N/A 1000 3 80

LED Spectrum

Dimensional Drawing

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