Multifunctional Spectrum Measurement System

SEM-3000 Measurement System

Product Description:

This measurement system has a measurement platform that meets the requirements of scientific research institutions and industries. It can provide users with the ability to measure the penetration rate and absorption of solids or liquids. The software also has a time monitoring function. More importantly, It can be easily carried by users and extremely convenient. Users can directly connect to the computer using USB and use the SpectraLab /Spectra Pro operating software to operate on the computer, perform various optical measurements, and perform data analysis to make the experiment more efficient.

System Structure

Micro Spectrometer

  • It is small in size and can be disassembled and used as a general spectrometer. It has the function of replaceable slits, and customers can change the slit size themselves in the future.
Spectral wavelength range 180nm-1049nm
Optical Resolution  ≤1.5nm  
Slit  25um
Integration Time 0.5ms-65s
Sensor Hamamatsu 2048 pixel Sensor, 16bit A/D

This measurement platform also provides two other spectrometers for customers to choose from.

Near-Infrared Spectrometer(Explorer NIR):

Wavelength range: 950-1700nm, 900-2500nm (cooling type)

Spectrum measured with halogen lamp

High-Resolution Spectrometer(HRS4000):

The spectrometer can be customized according to the customer's required waveband, and the optical resolution can reach 0.1nm.
The sensor response wavelength is: 200-1100nm.

Spectrum measured with a mercury-argon lamp

High Performance Deuterium Halogen Lamp

  • German-made light source module, with UV and Visible balance, more stable spectrum
Wavelength Range 180-1100nm
Power 6W
Size 180*120*60mm
Connector SMA905
External device Manual shutter

Deuterium halogen lamp spectrum

Stable Measurement Platform

  • Each component is locked and has shock-proof function, making the measurement signal more stable.
Measurement system dimension drawing:

Hard Tube Short Optical Fiber

  • High fixation, no spectral shift due to vibration
Core diameter 1000 µm
Length 5cm

Modular Design:

We have designed 3 different measurement modules based on the actual measurement conditions of users.

Solid Material Measurement Module
This module can be used to measure transparent films, multi-layer films, optical filters, etc.

Liquid Material Measurement Module
This module can be used to measure chemical solutions.

Special Size Liquid Material Measurement Module
This module is used for photoelectrochemical experiments. It is a small reaction tank with electrodes inserted above it.

Intuitive and easy-to-use operating software

The intuitive design allows users to get started and use the software quickly for the first time. The software can perform spectral overlay after measuring multiple samples. It can store multiple data at one time, making experiments more efficient. It also provides single wavelength monitoring, and full wavelength recording function.

The software has shortcut keys that can directly switch to the following modes.

  • Spectral mode
  • Penetration mode
  • Absorbance mode
  • Reflectivity mode
    The software can be converted into absorption rate A=1-R (used to calculate Band gap)A=1-R (used to calculate Band gap)

Software function:

Transmittance Spectrum

Absorbance Spectrum

Spectral overlay

Single wavelength monitoring

Full wavelength record

Spectroelectrochemical Synchronization Function

If you want to conduct electrochemical experiments, you need to perform synchronous measurements with a spectrometer. You need a software to obtain spectral data and potentiostat data. You also need to observe changes in voltage and current at the same time, and measure changes in transmittance or absorbance. We can provide in full spectrum mode, after setting a time interval, let the software automatically read an absorbance or transmittance spectrum at the time you set, and then form a multiple spectral overlay, which can help customers can find out the special reactions of materials and save users' time. This software can save users a lot of time in integrating spectrometers.
We can provide specific solutions.

Currently, the software can be connected to the full range of potentiostats from the well-known French brand BioLogic. (SP50e, SP150e, SP200e, SP300e, VSP3)


We currently have two packaging methods, plastic shock-proof boxes and ordinary cartons.

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