NIR Spectrometer

Explorer NIR, 128pixels InGaAs Near-Infrared Spectrometer

Explorer NIR-128

Explorer NIR-128

The Explorer NIR series near-infrared spectrometer is designed using Hamamatsu's uncooled 128pixels InGaAs sensor. It is compact and lightweight, with a measurement spectrum range of 950-1700nm. It is cost-effective and is very suitable for plastic sorting, food testing, scientific research, and System integration. This series adopts a replaceable slit design, and one spectrometer can be configured with a variety of slits of different widths to meet the spectrum measurement needs of different resolutions and sensitivities.

Product advantages:
  • Using Hamamatsu uncooled 128 pixels InGaAs sensor, it has extremely low power consumption.
  • Compact optical path and structural design, suitable for system integration.
  • It has an interchangeable slit design that can be matched with slits of different specifications. Users can choose different resolutions and sensitivities to meet the needs of experiments.
  • The wavelength range and resolution can be customized to configure the appropriate spectral range and resolution.
  • Professional measurement software, providing measurement functions such as absorbance/transmittance/concentration/reflectivity/timing monitoring.
  • Measurement of light sources from 950nm to 1700nm, including wavelength stability, intensity stability, and half-maximum width of the light source
  • Testing of freshness and sugar content of fruits and vegetables; testing of fat and protein content of meat; quality analysis of grains and seeds, etc.
  • Oil composition analysis
  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Ingredient Analysis and Process Monitoring
  • Composition analysis, material screening and quality control of plastic product production process

Basic Default Specification

Model Wavelength Range Resolution Slit Grating
Explorer NIR-128pixels 950-1700nm ~10.0nm 25um 150g/mm, 1250nm

*Other wavelength ranges and resolutions can be customized.
*Some models can be equipped with cylindrical lenses to improve the sensitivity of the spectrometer.


Model Explorer NIR-128
Detector Hamamatsu G13913 Linear InGaAs, 128 pixels
Pixel size: 50µm×250µm
Wavelength response range: 950nm-1700nm
Dimension 94mm×60mm×36.5mm
Wavelength Range 950nm-1700nm (pre-configured)
Optical Resolution ~10nm (pre-configured 25µm slit)
A/D 16bit
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 10000:1
Integration Time 0.1ms-65s
Dynamic Range 14000:1
Trigger Mode 4 types (normal trigger, software trigger,
hardware trigger, synchronous trigger)
Power Consumption 5VDC,300mA
Fiber Connector SMA905
Operating Temperature 5℃-35℃ (recommended temperature 25℃)
Communication Interface Mini USB2.0(12Mbps)
Operating System Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win10
Power Supply USB

Mercury-argon lamp spectrum

Halogen lamp spectrum

Spectrometer Dimensional Drawing

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