Diffuse Reflection Standard (Standard White Board)


Diffuse Reflection Standard (Standard White Board), PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene, 350-2000nm, reflectivity 97%, size Φ20mm/Φ30mm/Φ100mm

The standard whiteboard is made of PTFE material, and its surface is a Lambertian diffuse reflection surface. Reflected light in any direction obeys the cosine law. The outer casing material is anodized aluminum, which is waterproof and stable, and can withstand deep UV applications. The whiteboard is mainly used for optical calibration measurements, such as light source, color, spectral analysis, etc. It is one of the important accessories of the optical integrating sphere. The diameter of the reflective surface of the standard whiteboard is optional from Φ20mm to 100mm. The reflective material is enclosed in a small box and has a threaded lid for protection.

Model GIE-STD-20 GIE-STD-30 GIE-STD-100
Teflon Teflon Teflon
Shell material Metal aluminum case Metal aluminum case Metal aluminum case
Thickness 17mm 17mm 20mm
Wavelength range 350-2000nm 350-2000nm 350-2000nm
Reflectivity 97% 97% 97%
Inner dia 20mm 30mm 100mm

Standard Mirror

  • Total reflection mirror, UV enhanced aluminum film, 200-2500 nm, reflectivity about 80%-90%
  • Material characteristics: high reflectivity surface
  • 250nm-800nm reflectivity ~85% - 90%; 800-2500nm reflectivity ~85% - 98%
Model GIM-3002-1
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm
Reflectance 250-800 nm,~80%-90%;800-2500 nm,~85%-98%
Outer space Mirrored fused silica substrate, UV-reinforced aluminum film; high stability shell aluminum material; anodized aluminum shell and screwed over for protection.
Diameter Internal diameter 30 mm, outer diameter 40 mm
Weight 33.5g

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