Curved Surface Penetration Measuring Instrument

TR-3000 Curved Surface Penetration Measuring Instrument

TR-3000 is mainly used to quickly measure the penetration rate of curved or flat material samples, and can instantly display the curve, penetration rate(Transmittance ), and absorption(OD). The instrument provides customization of spectrometers in different wavelength bands and provides a secondary development kit (SDK) to support users in system integration.

  • Transmittance measurement of filters and optical lenses
  • Transmittance measurement of panel light holes
  • Transmittance measurement of curved edge IR holes, coated mirrors, glued mirrors and parallel flat plates
  • A variety of sensors can be selected and the wavelength range can be customized
  • Support custom development within the 400-1700nm range
  • Professional software design, easy to operate
  • Support system integration and provide SDK secondary development kit


Model TR-3000
Wavelength range Customizable within 200-1700nm
Detector 2048pixel,linear CCD
Pixel size:8µm*200µm
SNR 600:01:00
A/D 16bit
optical resolution ~2nm(According to the configuration)
Tungsten lamp life 2000hours(Typical)
stability ±0.5%
Measuring range 1%-100%
Wavelength   accuracy(nm) ±0.34nm
Communication interface USB2.0
Power supply 15VDC,3A

Transmittance Spectrum:

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