High Resolution Spectrometer

HRS4000 High Resolution Spectrometer

HRS4000 has a high-pixel sensor of 4096 pixels, a spectral response range of 200-1100nm, a signal-to-noise ratio of 600:1, a dynamic range of 10000:1, and A/D16bit. Customers can provide the required wavelength range for optical engineers to simulate and design and provide actual optical resolution and wavelength range.

Product advantages:
  • Extremely high pixel resolution (depending on spectral range).
  • Crossed asymmetric C-T optical system.
  • Linear gradient filters or long-pass filters eliminate second-order and higher-order diffraction.
  • SMA905 fiber optic connector
  • Spectral range and resolution can be customized.
  • USB 2.0 data transfer and power supply.
  • Supports USB2.0, RS232/485 multiple communication methods.
  • Provide SDK development kit to assist customers in secondary development.
  • Timing measurement, real-time display of peak wavelength and full width at half maximum (FWHM)
  • LED Colorimetry measurements
  • Solar spectrum measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Laser measurement
  • Plasma measurement
  • Laser center wavelength, laser half-width and stability measurement
  • LIBS


Model HRS4000
Detector Hamamatsu S13496
Line array CMOS 4096 pixels
Pixel size 7µm×200µm
Wavelength response range 200nm-1100nm
Dimension 140mm×110mm×46mm
Wavelength Range Determined by the grating
Optical Resolution Determined by the grating and slit
A/D 16bit
Integration Time 0.5ms-65s
Dynamic Range 10000:1
Signal to noise ratio 600:1 at full signal
Linearity >99%
Trigger Mode Software,Hardware, Synchronous
Power Consumption 5VDC,300mA
Fiber Connector SMA905
Operating Temperature 5℃-35℃ (recommended temperature 25℃)
Communication Interface USB2.0, RS232
Operating System Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win10
供電 USB
Model Wavelength range Optical resolution Pixel resolution Slit Grating
HRS4000 200-420nm ~0.3nm ~0.05nm 25μm 1200g/mm,250nm
200-1000nm ~0.6nm ~0.2nm 5μm 333g/mm,600nm
380-900nm ~0.4nm ~0.13nm 10μm 500g/mm,560nm
305-595nm ~0.3nm ~0.07nm 10μm 900g/mm,550nm
900-1000nm ~0.1nm ~0.02nm 10μm 1760g/mm,500nm
600-1100nm ~0.3nm ~0.12nm 5μm 500g/mm,770nm
330-770nm ~0.3nm ~0.11nm 10μm 600g/mm,500nm
500-720nm ~0.2nm ~0.05nm 10μm 1200g/mm,500nm
800-1000nm ~0.2nm ~0.05nm 5μm 1200g/mm,1000nm
250-400nm ~0.1nm ~0.04nm 10μm 1760g/mm,500nm
390-610nm ~0.2nm ~0.05nm 10μm 120g/mm,500nm
300-1100nm ~0.6nm ~0.2nm 5μm 333g/mm,600nm
340-850nm ~0.5nm ~0.12nm 10μm 500g/mm,560nm
795-905nm ~0.1nm ~0.03nm 5μm 1760g/mm,500nm
1005-1080nm ~0.1nm ~0.02nm 10μm 1760g/mm,500nm
750-870nm ~0.1nm ~0.03nm 10μm 1760g/mm,500nm
250-350nm ~0.1nm ~0.02nm 10μm 2400g/mm,300nm
350-450nm ~0.1nm ~0.02nm 10μm 2400g/mm,300nm
660-734nm ~0.1nm ~0.02nm 5μm 2400g/mm,300nm

Test spectrum of Standard mercury argon lamp

Spectrometer Dimensional Drawing

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