High Resolution Spectrometer

HRS3000 High Resolution Spectrometer

The HRS3000 series is a cost-effective spectrometer with excellent optical path design. It uses Toshiba TCD1304 3648 pixels sensor to achieve the best optical resolution of 0.35nm. The internal circuit of the spectrometer has been completely upgraded, and the signal-to-noise ratio reaches 300:1. This spectrometer has great value in general spectrum measurement.

With its lightweight size, the spectrometer is ideal for system integration.

Product advantages:
  • Crossed asymmetric C-T optical system.
  • Linear gradient filters or long-pass filters eliminate second-order and higher-order diffraction.
  • SMA905 fiber optic connector
  • Spectral range and resolution can be customized.
  • USB 2.0 data transfer and power supply.
  • Supports USB2.0, RS232/485 multiple communication methods.
  • Provide SDK development kit to assist customers in secondary development.
  • Timing measurement, real-time display of peak wavelength and full width at half maximum (FWHM).
Application areas:
  • LED Colorimetry Measurements
  • Solar Spectrum Measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Laser Spectroscopy Measurement
  • Plasma Spectroscopy Measurement


Model HRS3000
Dimension 140mm x 110mm x 46mm
Weight 0.7 Kg
Wavelength range 315nm - 1100nm
Optical resolution ~0.06nm-0.3nm
Fiber connector SMA905
Detector TOSHIBA TCD1304 Linear CCD
Pixel 3648 pixels, size 14μm×200μm
Signal to noise ratio 300:1 at full signal
Linearity >99%
Stray light <0.1% (600nm,435nm)
A/D resolution 16 bit
Integration time 4ms - 10s
Dynamic range 300:01:00
Trigger mode Software, hardware, synchronization
Power consumption 250 mA, 5 VDC
Operating temperature 5℃ -35℃(25℃)
Computer interface USB2.0(12Mbps)
Operating system Win XP, Win7,Win8, Win10
Power supply mode USB or 5VDC
Model Wavelength Range Resolution Slit Grating Filter Lens
HRS3000 400-1100nm ~1nm 25um 600g/mm,650nm F05 ---
350-700nm ~0.5nm 25um 1200g/mm,400nm --- ---
350-583nm ~0.35nm 25um 1800g/mm,400nm --- ---
750-1100nm ~0.5nm 25um 1200g/mm,850nm F08 ---
  ~1nm 50um 1200g/mm,850nm F08 ---
350-1050nm ~1nm 25um 600g/mm,650nm F05 ---
  ~1nm 25um 600g/mm,650nm F05 L01
315-1015nm ~1nm 25um 600g/mm,650nm F06 ---
  ~1nm 25um 600g/mm,650nm F06 L01
380-730nm ~0.4nm 10um 1200g/mm,400nm --- ---
600-950nm ~0.4nm 10um 1200g/mm,850nm F08 L01

Test spectrum of Standard mercury argon lamp

Spectrometer Dimensional Drawing

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